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For suppliers

Dear suppliers and manufacturers of auto parts and accessories,
We strive to provide our customers with the widest possible choice, so we are always interested in expanding our range. Our company open for new offers.
The inter national company WAP is an importer and distributor of auto parts and accessories with delivery to all around the world.
The office and the main warehouse of the company are located in the free economic zone DWC (Dubai, UAE).

Our success in the auto parts market is due to the fact that we have:
- professional and excellent sales group
- strategic location
- experienced logistic team
- easy-to-use online platform available for order 24/7.

We give preference to the suppliers that are able to provide:
- a large range of genuine and aftermarket parts (with at least 1000 positions) from warehouses
- regular information on assortment and warehouse balance
- minimum time of delivery
- flexible pricing.

If you are interested in a successful and long-term cooperation, please contact us.

+971 4 885 16 15